Il Pìcciolo Etna Golf Resort & SPA

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On the slopes of mount Etna

On the slopes of Europe’s largest volcano, stands the Picciolo Etna Golf Resort. The view reaches to the north-eastern slope of Mount Etna, recently declared a Unesco world heritage site. A mysterious presence that has brought abundance and fertility to the island for thousands of years. 
Set in a stunning landscape, warmed by rays of Mediterranean light, covered with vineyards and orchards and home to treasures that are unique the world over. 
Greek amphitheatres, Baroque architecture and archaeological remains stand alongside natural parks, stark peaks, rivers, endless sunsets and stunning beaches.

Near the Il Pìcciolo Resort

Alcantara river park: with its spectacular columnar basalts, the Alcantara is one of Sicily’s most important rivers. A trip to one of these fantastic places is a must, offering nature and culture, a trip to oil presses and flour mills, museums and historic town centres, where visitors can still see local craftsmen and embroiderers in their shops or on the patio of their homes, dedicated to their painstaking work. 

The Natural Park of Mount Etna: the Mount Etna cable car/chair and ski lift system is on the southern slopes of Mount Etna. A trip to Mount Etna will reward you with a striking moon-like landscape, the thrill of walking on top of an active volcano. 
The Mount Etna lift system is open all year round.

Sport and a culture thousands of years old

A trip to Taormina: a trip to Taormina, the birthplace of Greek culture, means travelling back in time to experience the history of our civilisation, spanning thousands of years, and to soak in a vibrant atmosphere, with an ancient history. With stunning sheer drops down to the sea, to take your breath away.

Sport on Mount Etna:excursions or skiing, from caves to craters, a trip to the top of Mount Etna is a must. The areas offers plenty of opportunities for sport, from trekking to rafting on the Alcantara river, mountain biking, horse trekking, canonying and sea-planing.

Food and wine trails

For centuries, the aromas and flavours of Mount Etna have been captured in outstanding wines that are full-bodied and robust, such as Etna DOC Rosso made from Nerello Mascarese and Nerello Cappuccio grapes, or white wine made from the Carricante grape variety. 
There are numerous food and wine trails in the area, which touch on Catania, Castiglione di Sicilia, Piedimonte, Calatabiano and Zafferana.
Wine trails include the towns of Castiglione di Sicilia and Randazzo, which are part of the National Association of Wine Towns. Small prestigious wineries are established in these areas, producing wines of a recognised quality. This is the Etna DOC area. Tastings are possible at some of the wineries. 

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